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Dune Jewelry Shop Landing Page

Island Collection

Dune Jewelry Island Collection  An "island" of silver in the midst of your beach sand. Our sterling silver, 3/4" round bezel is filled with your choice of beach sand, then hand sanded and polished to the final matte finish.
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Sandbar™ Collection

Dune Jewelry Sandbar Collection  A perfect play on words accompanies this statement-making collection. Sterling silver, 1.75”x.25” bezels are filled with your choice of beach sand, then hand sanded and polished to the final matte finish.
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Sandrop™ Collection

Dune Jewelry Sandrop Collection Classic and elegant, this collection is great for every day wear. The 8x10mm (S) & 18x13mm (L) oval bezels are filled with your choice of beach sand, then layered to a glass-like, domed finish.
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Sandbead® Collection

Sand Bead Collection Dune JewelryThis versatile, 5 sided sterling silver bead can be worn on a chain as a necklace or on your favorite charm bracelet.
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Sandglobe™ Collection

Sandglobe Collection Sweet & Simple. Sterling silver round, double-sided bezels with your choice of sand and layered to a glass-like, domed finish.
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Sandollar Collection

 The Sandollar Collection is the perfect way to display your favorite sand! These large, round bezels are filled with your sand of choice and polished to a final domed finish.
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Men's Collection

Dune Jewelry Men's Collection  Designed with a combination of simplicity, sophistication and style. A great gift for the "man who has everything"
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Specialty Collection

Dune Jewelry Specialty collection  Designs for Men & Women meant to highlight your memories from special occasions. This unique collection also features our newest designs & ideas.
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Shell Collection

 A new way to wear your Dune. Our Island Necklace & Large Sandrop Earrings provides the perfect canvas for the brilliance and texture of these beautiful shells.
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HOPE Collection

 To strengthen our mission of outreach and charitable support, Dune has partnered with HOPE for Ariang and Le Moyne College to introduce the HOPE Collection. Each unique design supports the construction & maintenance of educational facilities and programs in the Ariang Community of South Sudan, Africa, and is handmade with pieces of an actual brick used to build the Ariang Primary School in South Sudan.
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Dune Wholesale

Dune is available for wholesale! For more information on featuring dune in your retail location please fill out our APPLICATION HERE. If you would like to learn more about wholesale opportunities with Dune, please contact us today at